How to heal a broken heart

Last night, I am so broken. My friend told me that my long time crush is already inlove with someone else. I feel emotionally crippled and lost. Why did I let myself fall in love this way. I hate it. I wanted to cry but nothing comes out. The wound is too deep to heal. […]

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Naisip kong umuwe ng maaga kase wala naman magandang nangyari sa buong araw ko. Pakiramdam ko isa akong malaking rejection ngayon. Walang gusto makipag usap. Walang gusto makipagkita. Walang interesado. Palaging seenzoned sa FB. Wala man lang nangangamusta. Sa bahay na lang ako mag eemote sabi ko. Habang nakapila ako sa FX gusto ko humagulhol […]

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Hi, Are you getting enough sleep? You seem slim compared to your figure before. Please eat a lot of healthy foods like fruits and berries. Try to do 15 minutes cardio workout when you wake up and drink a lot of water. Pray every night. Stop being so timid and smile a lot. I always […]

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Sometimes, I feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. But hilarious as it may seem, the world will dictate otherwise. I may look as a woman with principle but honestly, I still have a lot of insecurities and self-doubt. I reach the point that I even question my self-existence. “Why I am […]

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Love and Grace

When I started to let God be the center of my life, my relationship with Him goes deeper. And here’s one of the hundred things I learn from Him: Don’t withhold your love and appreciation to anyone. Love abundantly whether they deserve it or not. Understand that unlovable people need love most of all. We […]

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story of my life

I met a guy few months ago. His name is Sam. Sam is amiable and charming. We actually have some common interest. However, this guy is so insistent to date and court me He once told me during our late night talk “I wanted to court you because I like you and I want to […]

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seventh month of the year

Every year, I only have one birthday wish which is not to rain. I was born in July where it is considered the coldest month in much of the Southern Hemisphere. Since the Earth Axial tilt, my country where I lived is not exposed to more direct sunlight during that season. Let’s admit that wet […]

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your damsel

I’m a damsel in distress but when I’m with you, I’m always at rest I’m a nobody in this world but you still fight for my worth I’m a blank page in everyone’s book yet, you still compliment how lovely I look how on earth you were created as beauty as ashes I do pray […]

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My Nico

He walks straight towards our direction with his papers on hand. It’s a sunny day and the ray of the light is passing through the glass wall in the library. I had a fleeting moment of anxious because he’s so adorable wearing his favorite black shirt. In my desperation getting his attention, I asked my […]

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First Blood Donation

Last July 5, I decided to donate a blood for the first time. It took 30-60 minutes for the whole process including the pre-screening. Honestly, the idea of needle and blood freaking scares me. I have some mixed emotions up until now. If you aren’t aware of the benefits of blood donation: ✔It stimulates production […]

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